“Organic Viticulture” means not to alter the life in the vineyards, working only with substances found in nature or derived from simple processes.

We do this through four easy steps:
Prevention: ensuring biodiversity, the vine can ‘grow in a soil rich in life, building a greater resistance to disease. Letting the grass grow between the rows develops a microclimate that allows many species of insects to hinder, the proliferation of harmful parasites.
Nourishment: With the help of beneficial bacteria, the vine is fed in a natural way with minerals in the soil.
Defense: The treatments against pests are made only with sulfur and copper in their simplest compositions ; or by using only natural derivatives from plants or bacteria.
Cold Chain: Working in the cellar with strictly controlled low temperatures, the evolution of wine and must is carefully scrutinized, avoiding the use of chemicals.
Adapting to the clock of nature is hard and many interventions are needed in the vineyards, but it allows craf